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Bella Blankets® protective coverlets 311

Beekley Medical

Capture more breast tissue with Bella Blankets® protective coverlets. Thin by design, Bella Blankets allows technologists to position patients as close to the chest wall as possible. Textured material helps with "hard to position" breasts, prevents breasts from sticking to receptor plate to avoid skin tears, helps shield cuts or infections in the inframammary fold, and acts as a sanitary barrier. New Vertical Channel Technology™ (only from Beekley Medical) allows air to push out and release upon application, reducing air bubbles. Easy-lift PIK-UP™ tab allows for easy removal of Bella Blankets from the receptor plate without leaving residue.

Using Bella Blankets aligns with proper positioning initiatives to support MQSA’s EQUIP guidelines. Bella Blankets’ FDA 510(k) clearance applies to all mammography imaging equipment. Using Bella Blankets during a mammogram is essentially the same average glandular dose as no coverlet on the receptor plate.1

1Gerald J. Randall, M.S. (DABR) (Certified Licensed Medical Physicist), "Mammo Protective Coverlets Testing", March 3, 2017.

  • 29.2cm x 33.0cm
  • intended for use on 24cm x 30cm receptor plate
Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

A focus on making the lives of everyone we touch a little better

At Beekley Medical, our goal is to help positively impact patients’ lives and improve clinical outcomes.

To accomplish this goal, we have a high commitment to investing in the research and development of simple, low cost, disposable products that help medical imaging, surgical, and radiation oncology professionals improve communication, productivity, and patient care.

We partner with our customers, clinicians, and inventors to produce professional products that replace makeshift or improve upon current methods. Our industries are carefully monitored to ensure our products meet tomorrow’s needs today and comply with all Quality Management System processes which assure we meet the requirements of ISO 13485 and the regulatory requirements of the FDA.

Beekley Medical believes firmly in giving back to our communities. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of our Mammography SPOT® skin markers is donated to local and national organizations that fund research, awareness, and early detection programs in the fight against breast cancer.

In addition, Beekley Medical is a proud supporter and sponsor of several educational programs, conferences, and advocacy groups within for our imaging community.

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Bella Blankets® protective coverlets 311

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