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Targeted Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI

DynaTRIM is a fully MRI-compatible interventional device for Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI of the prostate gland. It adjusts in six directions for precision targeting and works with DynaCAD Prostate to provide less invasive, targeted guidance.

Leading edge guidance and targeting for effective biopsies

When combined with DynaCAD Prostate’s DynaLOC interventional software, the DynaTRIM biopsy system supports a targeted approach to prostate biopsies.

Highly adjustable for added accuracy

Multiple directional adjustments help clinicians access all areas of the prostate gland. Once adjusted, the device can be locked into position, providing added confidence to biopsy procedures.

Accommodates 18-gauge, 150mm and 175mm needles

The disposable needle guide serves as a fiducial reference marker for DynaLOC targeting software. It is compatible with 150mm and 175mm 18-gauge biopsy needles.

Support for exceptional workflow and accuracy in biopsy procedures

DynaTRIM synchronizes with DynaCAD’s DynaLOC Prostate to pin-point suspicious areas previously identified during a diagnostic prostate MRI exam. As users lock in target locations, DynaLOC displays the adjustments to make on the DynaTRIM device as well as the projected path of the biopsy needle.


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