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Lower Body Table Shield 311/DS-020


Lower body x-ray shield 311/DS-020 (Philips Medical Systems, part No. 9896-000-77201)

An 89 cm wide, overlapping curtain table shield including middle link and a 52 cm wide fold-down top shield. This lower body shield reduces exposure to scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body. It comprises a lightweight and durable structure, with a middle link and pivotal arm supporting a flexible lead curtain.


  • The shield easily mounts to either side of the table allowing the pivotal arm to always face the head end.
  • The heavy-duty middle link has an automatic wear adjustment facility ensuring accurate joint friction which prevents unwanted curtain movement even when the table is tilted in any direction.
  • A 52 cm wide top shield can be quickly folded downwards to ease patient transfer and access.
  • The pivotal arm and middle link can swivel outwards from the table side to form a 53 cm or 70 cm wing, or inwards to be positioned under the table when not in use.

Table shield with a 52 cm wide fold-down top shield: 311/DS-020 (Philips Medical Systems, part No. 9896-000-77201)

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Lower Body Table Shield 311/DS-020

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