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MRIaudio Premium Sound System

The MRIaudio system includes everything imaging centers need to provide soothing audio entertainment for patients. Better still, it can be easily customized and fully upgraded by any imaging center at any time, future-proofing it against the rapidly changing landscape of audio entertainment (both in software and hardware), and ensuring it has everything imagers need and nothing they don’t.

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A Simple Sound Solution

The MRIaudio Sound System provides a soothing distraction for MRI patients during stressful and claustrophobia scan procedures. Patients can relax and listen to their favorite music or podcasts from top music streaming apps such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio. The noise cancelling MRI-safe headphones are 29db rated for superior hearing protection. The state of the art audio system is easy to use for technologists and reduces the need for re-scans, call backs or sedation medicine.

Since 2010, MRIaudio has delivered over 2500 audio and video systems worldwide and work with most of the major hospitals and healthcare networks. MRIaudio is a proud supplier to both GE Healthcare and Hitachi Healthcare Americas.

MRIaudio Premium Sound System

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