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Multi-Energy CT Phantom


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The Multi-Energy CT Phantom is used to evaluate and QC Dual-Energy/Multi-Energy/Spectral CT functionality. Uses include testing material separation and quantification, evaluating mono-energetic images, setting effective protocols, and QC of values across scanners and over time. The package includes a 20 cm diameter head section (16 cm deep), a 40x30 cm body ring (16 cm deep), 18 insert rods, a stand, and a wheeled case.

This product includes a 5-year warranty.

In collaboration with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Gammex has developed a phantom to ensure the performance and consistency of your Multi-Energy scans.

  • Features 19 inserts representing different dimensions and concentrations of iodine, calcium, blood, adipose and other materials of particular interest to Multi-Energy CT (MECT)
  • Enables comprehensive tests of Multi-Energy CT performance

Multi-Energy CT scanners have enabled improved clinical differentiations, such as distinguishing blood from calcification and calcification from iodinated contrast.1,2

They can also create virtual mono-energetic images for clinical evaluation. However, the ability to achieve these benefits can greatly depend not only on one’s equipment, but also on the protocols used.

The Multi-Energy CT Phantom will enable robust evaluation of scanner performance.

  • Test material discrimination using solid rods representing iodine, calcium, blood, adipose and more
  • Ensure the efficacy of clinical protocols for multienergy analysis
  • Verify the quantitative accuracy of multi-energy scans
  • Compare the consistency and stability across different scanners
  • Check for artifacts in an extended field-of-view
  • Test in both head (20 cm) and body (40cm x 30 cm) configurations
  • Enables automated analysis with patent-pending rod marker technology
Multi-Energy CT Phantom

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