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Sono Ultrasound Phantoms


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Training & Compliance Ultrasound Testing

Sono Ultrasound Phantoms are relied on for training and QA testing of B-mode ultrasound systems. A selection of models supports your clinical needs, and helps you meet requirements.

Ensure your ultrasound systems are accurately imaging complex cases. Consistent testing with your ultrasound devices means greater confidence in your patient assessments.

Maintain Compliance
The Sono family of Ultrasound Phantoms are generally compatible with AIUM, ACR, AAPM, IEC 62736, IPEM 102, and EFSUMB TQA QA Guidelines.

Unparalleled Tissue Mimicking
Patented High Equivalency Gel (HE Gel™) provides multi-frequency, high quality, reproducible images. Material stability supports testing across the entire frequency range — 2 to 18 MHz — for a variety of transducers and systems. Linear response of attenuation to frequencies over 8 MHz supports accurate axial resolution and penetration depth representative of human tissue.

Suite of Offerings
Our Sono Phantoms suite offers precisely spaced pin targets and fibers, and varying surfaces, for testing various applications.

Sono403™ Phantom: Multi-Purpose

  • Verify system settings and depth of penetration for small to very large patients
  • Simulates typical depth through abdomen to the liver
  • Precisely placed targets support grey scale and axial resolution system measurements

Sono404™ Phantom for Small Parts

  • Supports Cardiology, Breast Care, Musculoskeletal and Vascular applications
  • Closely spaced pin targets make it ideal for testing high frequency transducers
  • Enables training and testing the most difficult cases, including small parts and intra-cavity ultrasound systems

405 GSX LE: Troubleshooting Phantom

  • Supports Biomeds who need to troubleshoot ultrasound systems.
  • Two horizontal cross fibers in the middle of the phantom can be used for aligning the transducer and as reference markers to ensure consistent setup over time.
  • Triangular grey scale targets support resolution testing of high-performance ultrasound scanners

Sono408™ Spherical Lesion Phantom

  • Ensure system presets are based image quality, not default settings, for optimal performance
  • Ideal for spherical lesions that have negligible echogenicity and produce no distal enhancement or shadowing
  • Supports testing high-frequency transducers used in echocardiography

Sono410™ Full Contact™ Phantom

  • Meets the ACR guidelines for ultrasound QA, and includes two patented scanning surfaces — curved and flat —for precise performance and uniformity testing of convex and linear transducers
  • Patented curved surface improves coupling between convex transducers and phantom scanning window
  • Ideal for compliance testing of image quality of high-resolution Ultrasound Systems in breast care centers and diagnostic ultrasound departments
Sono Ultrasound Phantoms

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