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UltraPhonic Free High Viscosity (Ultrasound) Conductivity Gel

Pharmaceutical Innovations Inc

Environmentally responsible ultrasound gel completely free of added color, perfume, glycerin, propylene glycol and harsh preservatives. Hypo-allergenic Ultra Phonic Free is acoustically correct, will not harm your probes or transducers and protects you and your patients from irritating chemicals.

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For almost four decades Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc., has been the industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of medical products and accessories including conductive gels, sprays, creams and adhesives.

Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc., manufactures conductive gels, sprays, lotions and skin preps for all ultrasound and electromedical technologies such as electrocardiograms, TENS and muscle stimulation. Our Major markets are Diagnostic Ultrasound, Physical Therapy, Cardiology, Mammography and Laser.

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UltraPhonic Free High Viscosity (Ultrasound) Conductivity Gel

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